Ship Deck Pulsed Eddy Current Array Solution

Productive non-intrusive inspection of structural steel deck plates starts here.

Eddyfi Technologies' Pulsed Eddy Current Array (PECA™) marine ship deck inspection solution features a high-resolution, 7-channel probe (PECA-7CH-SM) specifically engineered for efficient and radiation free assessment of corrosion in steel ship deck plates through flooring. This powerful PECA ship deck inspection solution provides full coverage with a complete map of inspected compartments while the vessel remains in service.


Steel deck plating integrated in the structural integrity of a marine vessel serves a clear role in keeping passenger safety. As it is common for ship deck plate corrosion to occur, this usually commands expensive and time-consuming effort for regular inspection and maintenance.

Conventional inspection methods require the removal of any floor cover which can only be done while the ship is out for refit. Consequently, it is impossible to properly plan for targeted repairs, resulting in significant additional costs related to the disruption of refit schedules.

Moreover, conventional methods only provide limited information through isolated spot measurements. And that’s exactly why Eddyfi Technologies offers the better ship deck pulsed eddy current array inspection solution.

Our non-destructive testing inspection kit features:

  • A high-resolution 7-channel PECA probe
  • An application specific version of the small, single-element PEC probe featuring a backwards port for a clip-on encoder ideal for maximum coverage in restricted access areas
  • An easily removeable clip-on encoder that allows for dynamic scanning mode at speeds up to 150 mm/s (6 in/s)
  • Standup operation with the lightweight, quick release carbon fiber telescopic pole
  • Hands-on operation with an ergonomic quick release handle.

SurfacePro3D Reporting

Our pulsed eddy current array ship floor inspection kit produces rich C-scan data utilized for the clearest reports when using SurfacePro3D™ reporting software.

SurfacePro3D enables quick 2D or 3D modelling of inspected structures and easy superimposition of related PEC data to provide context for any corrosion found and the severity within inspected marine vessel decks.

Meet the PECA 7CH Probe

Eddyfi Technologies’ PECA ship deck inspection solution is built around the 7-channel pulsed eddy current array probe (PECA-7CH-SM) which was specifically optimized for corrosion assessment of steel deck plates through floor covering in maritime structures, mainly ships.

It combines high precision and high productivity thanks to an array of seven sensors covering 178 mm (7 in) in a single pass. The Eddyfi Technologies PECA probe supports inspection of steel deck plating up to 13 mm (0.5 in) thick.

Non-destructive testing inspections can be performed through floor coverings up to 38 mm (1.5 in) thick. To learn more about the application range, consult these great PEC probe selection tables.



Array, small

Total coverage in a single pass:

178 mm (7 in)

Dynamic scanning speed:

up to 150 mm/s (6 in/s) depending on deck plate thickness

Steel deck plate wall thickness:

3.2-12.7 mm (0.125-0.5 in)

Floor covering/coating
thickness (liftoff)

0-38 mm (0-1.5 in)

Footprint at zero liftoff:

17 mm (0.67 in)

Weather jacket:

Not supported

Cable length

5 m (16.4 ft)

Weight (With/without cable):

2.36 kg (5.2 lb)/1.75 kg (3.86 lb)

Your single-element PEC probe for ship floor inspection

The small single-element PEC probe is the perfect complement to Eddyfi Technologies’ ship deck floor inspection PECA 7Ch probe. Its compact body with a rear mounted clip-on encoder port and operability from the topside-mounted ergonomic clip-on handle is perfect for complete coverage of even the most restricted access areas.

It features the proven small footprint sensor of the second generation small PEC probe and provides high-resolution scanning and accuracy. Discover the full application range at these informative PEC probe selection tables




PEC Sensor:


Steel deck plate wall thickness:

Up to 19 mm (0.75 in)

Floor covering/coating
thickness (liftoff)

0–76 mm (0–3 in)

Footprint at zero liftoff:

35 mm (1.38 in)


Clip-on, 16.04 counts/mm (407.44 counts/in)

Cable length

5 m (16.4 ft)

2m Telescopic Extension Pole

Eddyfi Technologies offers an extension pole specifically designed to perform ergonomic inspection of ship decks and flooring. Our extension pole offers a quick release probe function and can extend up to 2m (6.5 ft). The telescopic extension pole enables inspections on flat horizontal surfaces and easily overcomes small obstacles.


Up to 2 m (6.5 ft) extension
Sturdy carbon fiber pole with nylon 11 attachment
Compatible with PECA-7CH-SM and PEC-089-G2 probes

Ergonomic, Clip-On Handle

Talk about handy… this ergonomic handle was designed to make manipulating PEC probes easier while preventing the operator’s fingers from interfering with the surrounding walls and other obstructions. The clip-on design makes installing and removing the handles effortless. It is compatible Eddyfi Technologies’ ship floor inspection PECA probe (PECA 7CH) as well as medium and large single-element PEC probes.

This combo has your proactive ship floor inspections covered

SurfacePro3D is an advanced visualization and reporting software that can clearly produce rich corrosion maps of complete marine vessel decks and ship compartments. The data analysis reporting software allows rapid creation of 2D and 3D models of inspected surfaces with overlaid C-scan data for a fast and compelling asset integrity inspection report. Eddyfi Technologies' PECA probe and single-element PEC probe data can be combined in the same report for a comprehensive look of the marine vessel inspected – easily understood by the customer.

Array PEC probe (PECA-7CH-SM)

PEC Array Probe

Single element PEC probe

PEC Array Probe