Tubing Probes

Magnetic Saturation
Bobbin Probes

Our magnetic saturation bobbin probes are designed to inspect ferritic and duplex stainless steels, as well as nickel-based alloys commonly found in condensers and feedwater heaters, among others.

The powerful, rare-earth magnets in the probe completely saturate the tube wall, making it possible to use inspection frequencies usually reserved for the inspection of non-ferromagnetic materials.

Our probes are designed to detect and size inner-tube diameter pitting, outer-tube diameter wear, and other common types of defects. The kink-resistant nylon cabling is perfect for manual and automated push-and-pull operations.


  • Inspect ferromagnetic materials at non-ferromagnetic material frequencies
  • Better saturation levels than most competitors
  • High quality-to-price ratio
  • Very resistant to wear

Use the Part Number Finder to see what Eddyfi probes are available or use the Tubing Probe Creator to determine what probes are best for your particular application.