Surface Probes

ECA Probes

These probes adapt to geometry variations in almost every direction.

That makes padded probes perfect for examining weld beads, as well as transition and heat-affected zones. The probes’ unique, proprietary design also allows detecting surface cracks in welds with minimal surface preparation. Furthermore, the probes’ membrane is extra-tough to better withstand friction. Like other Eddyfi surface probes, padded probes come in a wide variety of frequency brackets, number of coils, and two casing sizes: small and medium.


  • Fully flexible contact surface that adapts to geometry variations
  • Inspect non-ferromagnetic welds with minimum surface preparation
  • High resistance to wear and tear



34–56 mm, depending on model

Minimum crack length

0.5–1.0 mm, depending on model

Eddyfi Technologies Acquires NDT Robotics Leader Inuktun

Eddyfi Technologies Acquires NDT Robotics Leader Inuktun

As a world leader in advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection technologies, Eddyfi Technologies is thrilled to confirm the acquisition of robotics leader, Inuktun. This strategic addition will unlock a world of NDT inspection possibilities by combining various NDT modalities with remotely operated crawlers.

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